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It is not just a matter of collecting data.  You have to know what to do with it

Who we work with

CEOs, CFOs, Boards, and Founders.  We're here to partner with you and we pride ourselves on our flexibility.  We offer tailored strategies to make sure you are leveraging your data assets, and extracting valuable INSIGHTS to improve your business outcomes.

We focus on the INSIGHTS, this is where all the value is.  Analytics, AI, and Data Science is the journey, but the INSIGHTS is the destination.  INSIGHT7 provides 4 cores services to bring this together:

INSIGHT7 Core Services

We help businesses scope and discover what data assets they have, and what they can do with it to add value to their business.  We have a bespoke EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) product that can be applies to your business.


We scope, manipulate, and churn through columns and rows of your data to solve business problems and provide INSIGHTS...

Data Science

Our USP is we provide a scientific approach using NextBrain, a no-code machine learning tool containing AI models that can do some pretty unique things very quickly and at scale...


Where all the value is.  Being able to sit with senior executives and advise them how to react to these INSIGHTS to improve your business…

Projects we deliver
Customer Segmentation
Inventory Turnover Analysis

Demand Forecasting

Sales Trend
Product Recommendation Engine
Analytical Insights:

Drowning in data but starved of actionable INSIGHTS? INSIGHT7 is here to help.  We pride ourselves on delivering clear, actionable INSIGHTS from your data assets. Say goodbye to analysis paralysis.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science:

NextBrain was developed to provide no-code machine learning for data enthusiasts everywhere.  This means INSIGHT7 can bring the value and efficiency of Data Science to your business without the need for an internal team.

Logistics Solutions:

We're all about optimising that crucial final delivery phase. Whether it's Carrier Choice, Efficient Route Planning, Delivery Tracking, or boosting Customer Satisfaction, we've got your back. Our strategies focus on streamlining transport, ramping up delivery speed, cost-saving, and enhancing your overall logistical operations.

Example Work 

Media Mix Modelling resulting in less spend and improved performance by predicting future outcomes on historical spend.


We are predicting serviceability for a large traditional carrier using historical data and Data Science techniques.


We have lowered cost to serve for distribution businesses using Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and INSIGHTS.

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