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INSIGHT7 delivers the actionable insights

Our USP is bringing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science to the masses

EXPERIENCE - We have been doing this for over 20 years in the real world for multiple business in multiple verticals

INSIGHTS - We focus on delivering INSIGHTS, where all the value is


What makes us different?
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Introducing NextBrain, a no code machine learning tool for businesses that love data.  At INSIGHT7 we are on a mission to address business problems with the most advanced algorithms to deliver superior game changing actionable insights from data.  NextBrain helps us do this quicker and smarter than ever.

We call it Data Science on demand.  NextBrain is helping us deliver advanced analytics, and data science to businesses of all sizes without the prohibitive costs and long traditional timelines.

Advanced Math Functions
Advanced Algorithms

NextBrain provides INSIGHT7 a comprehensive suite of math functions tailored for any business problem. The platform, along with our consulting, enables us to apply regression analysis, time series modeling, optimization algorithms, and other mathematical functions to dissect the complexities of your business problems and derive actionable insights.

Enabled ML & actionable insights

NextBrain AI simplifies machine learning by providing clear explanations of its processes and delivering actionable insights. Users can easily understand AI-driven outcomes and make informed decisions.

Generative AI assistant using LLM

Our advanced Generative AI Assistant, powered by Language Model technology, empowers users to reshape their data tables without any effort. Whether you need to create new columns, customize data structures, or perform other transformations, this assistant simplifies the process, giving you full control over your data.

Fast Accurate
& Easy 

Our platform offers lightning-fast and precise machine-learning capabilities, making complex tasks effortless. With an intuitive interface, users can achieve remarkable results without any technical expertise.

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